Pink Pangea: From Wall Street To Wanderlust

View the original published article on PinkPangea: From Wall Street To Wanderlust “You don’t ever go home, do you?” asked my colleague sarcastically. “I do, but not that often.  I like going to unfamiliar places.  That is my idea of a vacation,” I replied. In the long conversation that ensued, I did not know how to... Continue Reading →


Pink Pangea: The Toy Artisans of Channapatna

View the original published article on PinkPangea: The Toy Artisans of Channapatna A cloud of dust billows up as the rickety state run bus leaves the bus stop.  One hour back, en route to Bangalore from Srirangapatnam, Michelle, Nisha and I, spontaneously decided to get down at Channapatna – the land of toys.  We head to... Continue Reading →

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